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No Cats on the Tabletop – Tokaido Board Game Review

We decided to start reviewing table top games a few months ago, and posted our first review for a fast-paced, low-skill card game called Sushi Go! We really enjoyed the process of playing a game and analyzing the different aspects and pros and cons of it, so we decided it was time for another game review! Nat got a game called Takenoko (we refer to as “The Panda Game”) for Christmas last year. We love it so much, that when we discovered that the creator of Takenoko made another game called Tokaido, we just had to have it! Tokaido is newer, and not as well known as Takenoko so we decided to review it.20150625_204550_resized Continue reading

No Cats on the Tabletop – Sushi Go! Card Game Review

In addition to reviewing vegan-friendly restaurants, Cat Hair Day has started reviewing table top games including board games, card games, dice games, and tile-based games. Let’s be honest – no one needs to read another review of Ticket to Ride or Catan to know that they are awesome games. We have also learned that playing the same few games over and over can lead to burnout. Our hope is to bring awareness to some of the games we have found that aren’t as well known as the classics; in doing so, we hope to inform other gamers of lesser known games that are worth trying out!


The end of a two-player game played with the two-player “dummy” variant

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