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Monthly Challenge Ed 2 – Mid Month Update

This month we decided to take last month’s challenge to the next level! Not only would we continue to not drink soda, energy drinks, and other sugary beverages, but we also wanted to give up junk food. We figured it couldn’t be that hard since we were pretty successful at abstaining from junk-beverages. We are now half-way through the month and have learned a few things…Photo on 2015-06-13 at 22.33

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Monthly Challenge June – No Junk Food!

I’ll wrap up last month’s challenge in one sentence: where was the challenge?  After about a week I felt the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.  Even though I lowered my overall caffeine intake, I felt more awake and had more energy than I have ever had.

This month, Amy joins the challenge!  We are giving up junk food! This means continuing to not drink soda and other sugary drinks, with the added challenge of no fried foods, chips, candy, cupcakes, ice cream – or anything else that is typically considered junk food!

Here is a big one for us – NO TACO BELL!  Sometimes late at night we get cravings for that fourth meal and Taco Bell is right down the street, with double decker bean tacos calling out our names. We’ll miss you Fresco and Diablo!

Another big part of our No Junk Food Challenge is not eating food after 10:00 pm. It kind of disrupts sleep patterns or something – ask a scientist not a cat; but if our stomachs are yelling at us after ten, bananas are cool.

There are exceptions to the challenge – dark chocolate and soy lattes/coffee are ok! Pizza is ok, since vegan pizza doesn’t have the toppings that make pizza unhealthy – cheese and greasy meat! But no breadsticks or garlic butter!  Lastly, since we do restaurant reviews, sometimes eating junk food is necessary due to research (ex. one of our next reviews is a sweet-tooth pleasing eatery).

We are excited about challenging ourselves to eat healthier foods and find healthy substitutions for the junk food we love so dearly. I’m sure our bodies are going to thank us!

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Month Challenge Ed 1 – Mid Month Update

So many of you know I used to drink a lot of energy drinks and soda so I decided at the start of the month to quit that junk and any kind of sweetened drinks besides naturally sugar drinks like coconut water, it is just too good.  Check out the original post here.

Here are a few things I learned so far…

  • Quitting cold turkey is awful, I had a head ache all day my first day
  • Tea and water are actually really tasty
  • We have to take way less trips to the recycle drop off
  • I have more energy over the course of the day than when I was drinking energy drinks
  • I don’t cough up phlegm while playing shows, it is just water, so I can breath a lot better when I am screaming my lungs out.

I wish I had some sweet photos to post so I here is a new logo for Cat Hair Daycathairday

Month Challenge Ed:1

This month’s challenge is no soda, energy drinks, or sweetened drinks for the whole month.  So I’m going to drink water and tea instead!

Why?  This is why! Im 198 pounts – 7 months ago I was 170 pounds

Also Im tired all the time even with all that caffeine!


Also All Dem Recycles!

20150501_223702I challenge you to challenge me and challenge yourself!