Cat Hair Day is all about making every day rad and living the feline dream!

Our website includes restaurant reviews, tabletop game reviews, vegan recipes, and pictures and videos from our day-to-day lives and adventures.

Our restaurant reviews are based on vegan-friendly restaurants in the Indianapolis area, in hopes of informing other vegans and people interested in vegan food on tasty places to eat in Indy. Our tabletop game reviews include board games, dice games, tile-based games and other games that aren’t as well known, with the goal of informing other gamers on lesser known games that are worth playing. Our recipes are vegan dishes made simple, so easy that even the average cat can make them!

We hope that you enjoy our page and are open to any suggestions on restaurants or games to review, variations on our recipes, and general ideas that you think would make our reviews or blog more rad!


-Nat & Amy

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